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September Winner!

Congratulations to Kevin Herzinger of K&M Auto Repair in Twin Falls, Idaho!

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To DRP, or not to DRP?

What advice would you give a collision repair shop that is interested in joining a Direct Repair Program (DRP)?
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aftermarket autoparts sales!

I am the warehouse manager for a small autoparts distributor. I am going to start to call on some of our repair shops. Any suggestions ,or seminars that I can use to help with me to do a good job ? Thanks Dave.
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re: Aftermarket Business digital: Your thoughts?

I tried to find a way to respond to the original post, but no luck. I'm pretty involved with digital media. I read ebooks on my iPhone, I contribute to a lot of different forums, read blocks, subscribe to newsgroups and RSS feeds. I would rather send an email than pick up the phone. But for me, some things require a hard copy. Aftermarket Business was the only trade publication I subscribed to, and I looked forward to getting it.
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serious problems may develop if you sublet srs modules reflashing to (dealers

four months ago i repaired a 2013 lincoln mkz that was in a t bone collision and for certain the car was restored to its original condition on 9/5/13 i subleted the reflashing of the srs module to new york city bayridge ford dealership this job was suppose to take no longer than 3 hours maximum, well my friends it has been 8 weeks and counting and this job has not yet been completed, now alow me to give you a quick run down of this whole saga ,the car was driven by the owner to the dealership the invoice was to be paid by my repair shop two days later i called to find out if the job was co