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SC MEDIA $2,000 off Best Selling Eclipse Laser Measuring System!

Community Member

$2,000 off Best Selling Eclipse Laser Measuring System!

BUY Eclipse NOW UNTIL 12/15/17 AND SAVE $2,000!!!

Eclipseprovides fast, accurate measurements for estimating, blueprinting and repair on any surface from lifts to benches. Its collision repair console shows a real-time visual display of the structural damage in an easy to understand, full-color, 3D graphic model. The easy to use Eclipsesoftware reduces cycle time and expense, while supporting profitable estimates and reports.

Eclipseis reliable, easy to use and streamlines the measurement process. It provides superior readings, supporting repair and system certification with indisputable documentation.  Benefits Include:

  • Full 360 degree measurement with no dead spots
  • 30 foot overall range (more than twice the length of competitive systems)
  • Continuous calibration—the only system to provide automated calibration!
  • Dual axis tilt sensor—an industry first compensates for vehicle and laser tilt, making it perfect for use on any lift or frame machine
  • Compact, modular design minimizes any target blockage
  • Smart targets act like miniature GPS sensors for precise position information
  • Quick-change modular stems automatically change height reading
  • Multi-point measuring continuously monitors and updates all dimensional changes
  • Color LEDs on targets show damage at the point of measurement
  • Modular magnetic adapters span a wide variety of sizes in a compact, efficient form
  • Aluminum compatible Uni-fits are a standard adapter in AMS systems
  • Underhood measurement—simultaneously measure multiple points on the upper body

NOW ON SALE UNTIL 12/15/17! Make your measuring process simpler and more effective. Lease or buy our state of the art laser measuring system ECLIPSE™ by AMS! Call for a free demo - 423-781-7163 or online at WWW.AMS-LASER.COM.

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