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Peter Meier

Peter Meier The Trainer #69: Making Sense of VW/Audi PIDs

Community Member

The Trainer #69: Making Sense of VW/Audi PIDs

Do you hesitate tackling VW/Audi drivability concerns?

When I was a fulltime technician, I was one of those guys that preferred to send them to the nearest dealer. The German manufacturers just do things a little differently, and I wasn’t used to those differences. I chose to stick to the domestic and Asian makes I was comfortable with. And that cost me money. So, I decided one day to give it a shot. 

Depending on your service information source, the first time you pull up any kind of DTC information for an Audi or VW product, you may see references to “measuring blocks” and “groups”. If your scan tool is equipped with OEM-style software, you may see the data displayed in a way that you’ve never seen before. 

Unlike the listing of all Parameter Identifiers like you’re used to seeing on most automobiles, VW/Audi list their data parameters in related “groups”. The PIDs themselves are called “measuring blocks” but fill the same purpose – providing you with the data you need to fix the car. 

It’s not an overly complicated system, and in this edition of The Trainer, I’ll show you how to learn a little bit of German – and add more revenue potential to your days in the bay!

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