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ADVANCED MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS is the collision repair industry's leading innovator, specializing in laser measurement systems. Our systems can even certify the accuracy of every measure! 

Now YOU choose which model works best for your shop! From our established best in the industry, ECLIPSE,™ (seen on GRAVEYARD CARZ), with red laser smart targets, 3D Graphics and 32’ range to our new  - SPECTRE™ -  with a first - certified measurement results! As seen on MOTORHEAD GARAGESPECTRE™ has 3D graphics, passive targets, and features a cordless, single line green laser scanner, Bluetooth compatibility, and an extended 40 foot range. 

Why pay more for less? Both systems offer self-calibration 4X/second, measurement certification, and list prices lower than the competition. 423-781-7163 / WWW.AMS-LASER.COM

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Podcast: Lessons I Learned When I Sold My Shop

Three former shop owners tell their story on selling their business. LISTEN HERE.
With Margie van Lierop, Formerly of Beach Cities Garage in Laguna Hills, CA; Scott ‘Gonzo’ Weaver formerly of Superior Auto Electric, Tulsa, OK (You also know Scott from Gonzo’s Tool Box) and Dave Winters formerly of Swedish Automotive in Seattle, WA, share their experience.
Among the talking points, confidentiality, transparent and normalized profit and loss statement, valuation, business broker, asset values, being a landlord and eventual tax liability, among others.

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Find A Blue Print For Finding Success If You Are Going To Open An Automotive Repair Shop

There is some secret Sause shared here including the most important question you need to answer, setting up your spending plan, how important location is and the need to know the demographics of that local community. Is the income level such that money can be spent on vehicle service and maintenance?  LISTEN HERE.
We talk financial, (knowing your numbers) debt, cash flow. All very important parts of a CEO’s responsibility. Many great technicians, who are unemployable, strive to start their own business because they want to do things their way. Most find out that it is not an easy task. There are responsibilities beyond financial and cash flow like, marketing, the tax man, HR laws and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
This panel does a great job of explaining the challenges you’ll need to deal with so you can find your successes sooner rather than later. It is a slow process, but success shouldn’t take years to achieve.

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Podcast: Finding The Right Business Coach

This round-table of successful service professionals credits a business coach or consultant for their success. This Town Hall Academy panel is in agreement on the steps you must weigh when considering hiring a business coach or consultant. LISTEN HERE.
Be prepared to put your pride on the shelf and learn how to grow your business to new heights. The coach will work with you to identify your problems with profitability, productivity, training, marketing, pricing labor and parts among others.
You will learn how to spot problem areas and find ways to fix them on your own. Business coaches/consultants help business owners develop skills to become self-reliant. And accountability to your goals is the secret sauce. 

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PODCAST: Discussion from Three Aftermarket Technicians and a Tech Who Left the Industry

As usual, these guys brought their opinionated selves to the interview, yet spoke from the heart about topics they are passionate about. Some no holds barred discussion points. There are times where there is no sugar coating and that is good to embrace all sides of an issue. LISTEN HERE.
Matt Fanslow, Bob Heipp, Peter Landry and Tom Myers openly discuss some very hot and touchy subjects that affect all aftermarketer’s.
Just a few of the topics we discussed, shops charging for diagnostic time, opinions on social media, a discussion on augmented reality. They discuss that techs need to help the business owner make money, and therefore owners should share in the wealth. We talk about shop owners training their top and best-vested technicians and also talk pay and benefits.

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Podcast: How To Sell Diagnostics at a Profit?

This is not an easy question to answer. Service professionals must be paid for their expertise because the cost of doing diagnostics is the most expensive service you have in your building. LISTEN HERE.
It is time to move from diagnostics to testing and analyzing. Every shop needs to build a premium product around testing and analyzing. You need to be known as the ‘we can fix anything right the first time shop’. Your motto: “We have the best technicians.” Your shops testing and analyzing skills is the premium product you sell and are known for in your marketplace. No need to go anywhere else. We do the research, test, analyze and discover what is wrong. We present the solution then you decide.
Marketing this premium product requires a strong testing/analyzing process that both the service advisor and technician are totally in agreement with. The benefits allow the SA to confidently sell testing and analyzing.
The diagnostician knows that the SA will sell the value and benefits to the customer because the process dictates the work to be done. A very strong discussion and powerful take-a-ways that will arrest the black hole in your business of profitable diagnostic time.

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PODCAST: Growth Strategy- Fleets

Fleet business can sustain your revenue during the up and down times of the year. Get started and be willing to change and adjust as you move along. These three shop owners agree that it may be time for you to ‘Get out of your comfort zone’ and jump into the fleet business. LISTEN HERE.
Learn from Tom Palermo from Preferred Automotive Specialists in Jenkintown, PA, John Constantin from Bison Fleet Specialists in Buffalo, NY and Bill Nalu from Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, MI.
We talk how to recruit fleet customers, obvious reasons to get into the fleet business, the how to deal with fleet managers and the challenges of implementing and growing fleet revenue.

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PODCAST: The Leadership Challenge

Tony Adams, Vice President of Operations at Weavers Auto Center in Shawnee, KS, has an inspiring story about change and leadership. Listening to stories like Tony’s, who has achieved success while toughing through challenges and learning from mistakes, can build strength in all who listen.  LISTEN HERE.
Tony admits to what all good leaders know; admit your mistakes, learn from them and move forward. It builds strong leadership. He shares his very transparent story. You’ll either relate to it or learn from it.
We will experience a story like Tony’s at least once in our lives. Never stop learning and build a fire under your team to serve the customer.

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Do you need a quick new idea to implement that will give you an edge?

To all service professionals: In this Academy lesson get 21 TIPS (Part 2) to help give you an edge over the competition. These are some very simple ideas that have been collected from successful service professionals in the industry.  LISTEN HERE.

Implementation will be the big payoff. If you listen to learn just one thing and do not implement you will not benefit from this listen.

Your Learning Curve Never Sounded So Good.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hiring and Leading Millennials

If we are to seed our industry with youth and grow our own, we must look at the Millennial Generation. We must understand how to integrate them and nurture them into our workforce. LISTEN HERE.
Every twenty years or so a new generation of workers arrives. For many of us, we raised today’s Millennials or Generation Y.  They are made up of the 22-40-year-old’s who number 79 million in the workforce; the largest segment of our workforce.
Each generation has its quirks. Gen Y is no different. Once you learn what moves and motivates them you’ll find it so much easier to accept and keep millennials motivated in your business culture. The lesson here works for all workers, but you’ll learn what really makes the Millennial tick and why they behave like they do. 
A quintessential guide to leading and engaging your millennial team member. Your learning curve never sounded so good.

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