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AutoPro Network How-To Instructions

Looking for help in how to sign up, post and access content in the Auto Pro Network? This how-to PDF is your ticket to answers, directions and insight!

PODCAST: Discussion from Three Aftermarket Technicians and a Tech Who Left the Industry

As usual, these guys brought their opinionated selves to the interview, yet spoke from the heart about topics they are passionate about. Some no holds barred discussion points. There are times where there is no sugar coating and that is good to embrace all sides of an issue. LISTEN HERE.
Matt Fanslow, Bob Heipp, Peter Landry and Tom Myers openly discuss some very hot and touchy subjects that affect all aftermarketer’s.
Just a few of the topics we discussed, shops charging for diagnostic time, opinions on social media, a discussion on augmented reality. They discuss that techs need to help the business owner make money, and therefore owners should share in the wealth. We talk about shop owners training their top and best-vested technicians and also talk pay and benefits.

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Peter Meier

Peter Meier Jan 10    Article

Community Member

December Winner!

Congratulations to Pedro L. Rivera Negron, owner of Check Engine Service in Puerto Rico! He's our December ASE Question of the Month winner!

Pedro's name was drawn at random from the list of everyone who entered our January contest, and he'll be awarded a collectible diecast from our sponsor, Federated Auto Parts.

You could be our next winner. Just take the January test and then click on the link to enter your name for our next drawing. It really is that simple, and who knows - you may learn something in the process!

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Podcast: How To Sell Diagnostics at a Profit?

This is not an easy question to answer. Service professionals must be paid for their expertise because the cost of doing diagnostics is the most expensive service you have in your building. LISTEN HERE.
It is time to move from diagnostics to testing and analyzing. Every shop needs to build a premium product around testing and analyzing. You need to be known as the ‘we can fix anything right the first time shop’. Your motto: “We have the best technicians.” Your shops testing and analyzing skills is the premium product you sell and are known for in your marketplace. No need to go anywhere else. We do the research, test, analyze and discover what is wrong. We present the solution then you decide.
Marketing this premium product requires a strong testing/analyzing process that both the service advisor and technician are totally in agreement with. The benefits allow the SA to confidently sell testing and analyzing.
The diagnostician knows that the SA will sell the value and benefits to the customer because the process dictates the work to be done. A very strong discussion and powerful take-a-ways that will arrest the black hole in your business of profitable diagnostic time.

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PODCAST: Growth Strategy- Fleets

Fleet business can sustain your revenue during the up and down times of the year. Get started and be willing to change and adjust as you move along. These three shop owners agree that it may be time for you to ‘Get out of your comfort zone’ and jump into the fleet business. LISTEN HERE.
Learn from Tom Palermo from Preferred Automotive Specialists in Jenkintown, PA, John Constantin from Bison Fleet Specialists in Buffalo, NY and Bill Nalu from Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, MI.
We talk how to recruit fleet customers, obvious reasons to get into the fleet business, the how to deal with fleet managers and the challenges of implementing and growing fleet revenue.

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Chelsea Frey

Chelsea Frey Jan 02    Article


Monster announces new 7-drawer assembled shop cart

Monster is constantly expanding the tool cart line, providing several different options for each of your needs. The new 7 drawer, fully assembled cart comes in three different colors (part no. MST3507XG) green with black trim, (part no. MST3507XMB) matte black, (part no. MST3507XTG) textured gray. These professional carts are designed with a large 15.6" tall top storage compartment providing more space, gas struts for stability and a locking mechanism to keep your tools secure. The drawers are latching and have PVC liners to keep tools in place. Each 5" heavy duty caster provides smooth mobility. Designed with bumpers to give extra protection in case of contact with painted surfaces. Contact your local mobile tool distributor.

Feature and Benefits:

  • 500 lbs. capacity
  • Protective bumpers on all corners
  • 4 Large 5” swivel casters
  • 7 drawers and locking 15.6” tall top storage compartment with gas struts

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Chelsea Frey

Chelsea Frey Jan 02    Article


Original One Parts announces 2018 Lunch & Learn schedule

Original One Parts is opening up its doors to host a series of Lunch + Learn events at its headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Each event includes a tour and free lunch. Original One Parts will have 20-minute intervals of tours between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to give each tour group the opportunity to have questions answered along the way. The tour will give attendees a first-hand look at how Original One Parts harvests a non-certified salvage part and meticulously tests and certifies every aspect of form, fit and function of a like-new OEM part. Before or after the tour free lunch will be available in the lounge. Original One Part's Collision Consultants will be available to field any questions or concerns.

To learn more and sign up for these events, click here.

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Top 5 selling points to spark customer action on plug replacement

As countermen and service technicians, we’ve heard it all. “My car just isn’t running right. I thought it would go away on its own, so I just waited.” “I didn’t think I needed to worry about spark plugs until 100,000 miles!” “I’ve been busy, and I didn’t have time to bring it in for you to look at.” Do any of these statements sound familiar?

Most people don’t pay close attention to their vehicles unless something goes terribly wrong. They may not realize that not all makes & models have 100,000-mile spark plugs or that ignoring the OE spark plug change interval could result in other part failures and a hefty repair bill. That’s why they need you to do it for them.

Fact or fiction: When you take good care of your customers, they come back for all their auto repair and service needs? That’s a fact. So, why aren’t we paying closer attention to spark plugs? Consider these 5 reasons to convince customers to replace their spark plugs on schedule:

1. ‘Show me the money.’
Repair costs only go up if you wait too long to switch out your spark plugs when you consider the other problems that can arise like ignition system failure or catalytic converter meltdown.

2. Be a friend to the environment.
Worn out plugs adversely affect the engine and cause increased exhaust emissions. This also results in poor fuel ec... Read More

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If You Aren’t Listening To This Podcast, You Are Missing Out!

What are you waiting for?

The holidays are the perfect time to binge on educational assets that are here to help you put into place your business goals for 2018.

So when you are ready to get away from the holiday hustle and bustle and do a little learning, check out the 10-episode podcast series, NAPA AutoCare Center Podcast. This highly educational podcast is not for just AutoCare Centers; rather the topics covered throughout the year are applicable to any shop owner, anywhere in the country!

Subject matter experts – all of whom are shop owners – discuss topics like management systems training, financing, going digital, branding and marketing, Business Development Groups, warranty and more. Each owner brings to the podcast insight, experience and background in the topic and shares with you lessons and more that you can implement in your shop.

Episodes are under 30 minutes, and led by NAPA’s Jason Bardon, Ryan Flanagan and Jon Luttrell. Each episode is guaranteed to teach you something, and put you at ease that whatever pain point you are trying to address, someone out there is going through the same thing.

Listen now to any of the 10 episodes of the NAPA AutoCare Center Podcast for FREE, and get ready to start your 2018 off right with new ideas, insight and excitement about being an automotive repair shop owner.

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How a Pennsylvania Shop Owner Converted a Virginia Customer

Here’s a very easy riddle for you: What’s 12/12, 24/24 or 36/36 and a creative way to convert new customers with later model vehicles?

You know it: Your shop’s warranty.

Offering customers a warranty is one of the best ways two owners say they are able to market their shops and even get those coveted new customers. James Santistevan, owner of Zia Automotive Repair in Albuquerque, N.M., says once they are able to get a new customer in the door and show them their 36-month, 36,000-mile warranty, that they are available on Saturdays and the customer’s schedule, there many times is simply surprise, not pushback.

For Keith Katz, owner of Quality Service Center in York, Pa., he pushes his shop’s 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty on the shop’s website, Facebook page and other social media platforms.

“All of our marketing material that gets sent out, whether it’s reminders or trying to attract a new customer, that’s one of the things we try to push,” he notes. “We use that a lot in our marketing.”

And when a new customer does call on the shop, he stresses the real benefit of the warranty: that’s 24 months, 24,000 miles parts AND labor.

“We’re not going to jump through any holes, we’re going to support your parts and labor,” Katz says. “It’s one of those wow factors, because for a lot of people it means a lot because car repair isn’t cheap any more.”

There are other secrets these owners use to convert net customers, and Santistevan has one trick no one else is using in his area that you too can benefit. Hear that and more in this episode of the NAPA AutoCare Center Podcast.

Hear that and how the warranty landing Katz and his Pennsylvania shop a new customer – from Virginia! – in this episode.

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Karen Cover

Karen Cover Dec 15    Article


Best ALLDATA News of 2017

From always-popular Tech Tips to Wrenching in Red Heels, ALLDATA News had something for everyone in 2017. To wrap-up the year, ALLDATA has bundled the most-clicked articles, so read on to see what you might have missed.

Read more.

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